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Posted by douggoodman on August 23, 2009 at 11:08 AM

Back in July I attended the Reliant World Series of Dog Shows, and none of the shepherds I saw there caught my eye.  I was looking for a build suitable for working long hours in the heat and humidity of Houston, not a runway model.  So for my next step, I did the thing that any digital child of the 21st century would do, I searched the Internet.


It is amazing how many breeders you find on the Internet.  Googling "German Sheherd Houston Tx" gives you 131,000 hits.  That's a lot of GSDs!  But this picks up everything from the breeder to the backyard breeder to search engines for pets.  Narrowing these sites to "working dogs" got me down to about 60%, but that's still lots of breeders to search for.  I guess more breeder than I expected consider their pups working dogs.  Stil, the dogs I found really wasn't giving me the dog I was after.  If I did find one, let's face it, I can't afford a dog that is worth several thousand dollars.  That's a whole other tax bracket.  Even if I could afford the GSD, would I want to take the dog to a hurricane-ravaged area and risk injuring the animal after I had sunk all that money into it?  A breeder was feeling less and less the way to go.


Frustrated, I gave up searching.  It was the end of the fiscal year and I had (for the first time in my life) budget meetings to deal with.  They are nasty, and they go on forever, and a lot of budget revision is done between meetings.  Still, there is a bit of an adrenaline rush getting the budget you asked for, and especially when so many jobs are on the wire and people are getting laid off at NASA, anything that wasn't a complete reduction in budget felt like a win.


With the budget mostly done and the construction company's house work almost finished, I got back to searching for a dog.  This time, I went straight to the Great Houston German Shepherd Rescue.  Online, I saw a few females with promise, so I applied for adoption.  This is where it gets scary.  See, you are adopting the animal, not buying it, so the Rescue group wants to make sure you will be a good and responsible dog owner.  So they want to meet the family, see the house, meet Mojo, and come to a decision of whether or not you should own one of their dogs.  I haven't gone through this amount of probing since I had to apply for a Nasa badge, and even they didn't want to talk to anyone but me.  Not that I have anything to hide.  I have a wonderful family and now a beautiful house.  I know we will make a good home for any animal, but once that is put to the test, you get nervous.  I have applied for a dog and hope to hear from the rescue group within a week or two. 

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