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Science Fair Project Idea #1

Posted by douggoodman on September 10, 2012 at 8:00 AM

Two entries on opposite sides of the weekend?  What is wrong with me???


This is just a quick post for a science fair idea I had while dropping the kids off at school this morning.  We were talking about walking up in the morning when my daughter's friend mentioned that the only alarm that wakes her up is the one on her phone because it is on vibrate and she keeps it by her pillow when she sleeps.


Instantly I thought, what a cool science fair idea.  I know many people who have a hard time waking up to their alarms.  It seems most people have some kind of customized alarm clock/wake-up system.  I prefer non-music or somethign odd, like a Spanish-speaking station.  If the clock is set to music, I tend to appreciate it and keep on sleeping.  My twin (fraternal) needs about half a dozen alarm clocks set up all around the room in order to wake him up.  His body has to get moving if he is going to get up before 10 am.


So in general, many people have a hard time waking up to auditory alarms.  Like my daughter's friend, maybe they would wake up easier to a tactile alarm, like a phone set to vibrate.  I think this is a great science fair project idea.  It takes a known process (how to wake up) and changes it (add the vibration) to see if the process improves.  By enlisting a few friends, and having the project run over a few weeks, you can collect lots of good data to support/destroy the hypothesis.


This year for them, science fair is no longer required.  The school district went away with that idea.  So when I suggested that they had stumbled upon a science fair idea, I was warded away with crosses and cries of "behind me, Satan!"


Since they don't want the idea, I am posting it for you to use.  Feel free to cite the website in your research, and if you do, send me a snapshot of it.  I'd love to see it, and I'd love to know if the modified alarm clocks worked.

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