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Naming a Dog By Committee

Posted by douggoodman on December 15, 2009 at 7:00 PM

A week and a half ago, I bought a new dog, a white German Shepherd.  After everything that happened with Voodoo, I took this dog almost immediately to the vet.  The fecal turned up with no hookworms, but it is possible the worms just aren't producing eggs, so it is normal to put a puppy on hookworm anyway.  Again, I wouldn't argue with it! 


We have had her for a full week, and we have been going through names.  I had a ton (like Zilla and Cerbie) that we went through, but this time we were voting on the name, with me having the final say.   We had a lot of 2-way ties, but only one three-way.  By vote, here are the names:


Banshee - 2

Cthulhu - 2

Voodoo - 2

Rider - 3


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!  The name shall be Rider.  My daughter liked it for naming the puppy after Ghost Rider.  I liked it for Pale Rider, and my wife liked the sound.  Like Mojo, I like the various "sources" of the name.  I can already see people asking if she is named for the actress or for a Harley.  I am also going to say cool things like "C'mon, Rider.  Let's roll."  Plus, there is the kind of irony only a person in my field can appreciate (essentially, a cadaver dog named death - this is like when I wanted to name the previous dog "Murder," as in "a murder of crows.")  I'm weird.  I know that.  Now it's time to fill out the registration forms...


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