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My Hand, The Chew Toy

Posted by douggoodman on December 25, 2009 at 8:00 AM

I wish I could show you the 1.5 inch serration from the base of my thumb to my palm.  I got this cut from Rider, who has clearly entered the chewing phase of her puppydom.  I could call her Chewbacca the way she goes after everything!  Her favorite chew toy is human flesh.  After that, human clothes.  Anything resembling a chew toy she avoids at all costs.  I have already spent several days trying to angle chew toys in her mouth while she tries to bite my hand, ankle, or toe.  This is a work in progress...


Socialization.  Some people do not like to socialize their shepherds.  They like the "guard dog" aspect of a dog that is more mistrusting of people.  Me, I think that even a shepherd that is fully socialized will still act like a shepherd when a stranger tries to enter the property.  More importantly, though, as a prospective SAR dog, I believe the animal needs to be socialized. 


Man, oh man, though...I have not been doing my job.  The first week I was doing well with Rider, but I kept her away from other animals/people mainly because I wasn't so sure what was going on with her skin.  Since then, it has been nothing but overtime and sickness for me.  Excuse alert:  I haven't had a chance to socialize Rider.  Now that she is being treated and bathed with the medical shampoo, it is time to start socializing her more, which means taking her to dog parks, Pet Smart, and time to start walking her. 

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