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Palosing it at Comicpalooza

Posted by douggoodman on May 24, 2013 at 10:00 PM

I wanted to write a quick note about my first day at Comicpalooza before it's off to bed.  (I will have more later.)  Today was my first time at a con.  (Conventions are for my day job.)  I went mostly to listen to the writer's panels, but I got so much more from the experience.


The first panel was much better than I thought it would be.  I knew I was taking a shot on a panel called "The Good Habits of Good Writers."  From the description, it sounded very "writing for people who've never tried it before," and hey - some parts were.  But there were also some good gems, and the panelists were very interested in talking to everyone, sharing their experiences, and answering questions.  I typed up into my iPhone some thoughts that really stuck out to me, which I will share once this whole thing is done.


Oh - and before I forget, here is a photo of the program.  I'm not sure why there is a drawing of a panda reading a comic book on the cover, or what - if anything - that has to do with Houston, but it looks cool.  Maybe I will find out later.


"Comics and Bamboo.  Nom! Nom!"

The second panel was a bit forgettable. Then again, I was 15 minutes late cause I had to go to the bathroom and then I couldn't find the room, and then I couldn't find the proper entrance to the room.  (Most doors are locked at a panel with only one opening on one side of the room open.  Not grousing, just painting the picture.)

The subject was heroes and heroines, but I think I missed the presentation part and it was mainly just a character-creating Q&A with a lot of "my book is out in October/July."  I did get a nugget or two out of it, though, so again, still okay.

The third panel was the one where I think I took away the most.  Before I get into it, though, I need to tell the background.  The quick story - for those who don't know - is that I am looking into self-publishing a small short story collection, and I would like to find someone to illustrate it.  Attending a panel called "Comic Writing 101" about how to find illustrators to collaborate with was *literally* the greatest moment of my day.  (Said in the best Chris Traeger/Rob Lowe Parks and Rec voice I can muster.)  The one person at the panel, RJ Woods, provided lots of useful information for working with illustrators for comic books and other formats, which I am hoping to use to help find an illustrator for Camlann Fields.

After the panels, I got a chance to go quickly through some of the other areas.  I didn't stay long because I had already been there for most of the day, but what I saw intrigued me.  Comicpalooza seems to have everything from Roller Derby to LARP to games and things for the kids.

So that is the "short, short version" of my first day at a Con.  Glad I bought the multi-day pass...

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