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One Year Anniversary

Posted by douggoodman on February 3, 2010 at 5:30 AM

Woohoo!  Time to pop the champagne and celebrate!  I can't believe it's been a year since I first put this place up.  When I first started this website, it could barely qualify to be called a website.  I look over the past year and see a lot of the progress it has had, like adding a photo gallery, links section, and reconstruction of the About Me section (not to mention the sidebars!), and I am happy.  One year ago I didn't have much in the way of direction or focus, I just knew I wanted to put something out on the web, but now with my writing more focused and the addition of the human remains work, I feel this place has a real purpose. 


Since starting this website, my car has been totalled, I have lost my cadaver-dog-in-training, and we have rebuilt a fifth of my house.  Oh yeah, and I was nearly laid off.  I have also acted as a lead on a Nasa project, though, and I now have a new cadaver-dog-in-training.  My children continue to do more things and amaze me, and my wife is still the coolest person on the planet.  What a year...


Still, there is more work to be done, like adding new graphics, and then there is the 100th blog post coming up.  Not sure what I should do about that, but it seems something should be done.  Okay, reflection time is over.  Back to work...

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