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Bath Time for the Pups

Posted by douggoodman on March 29, 2010 at 6:03 PM

The past couple of weeks have been hectic in the "way too much fun" way.  Camping, soccer games, playing ball with my son, visiting a photography exhibit, family bowling, and to cap it all off, watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief with my daughter.  That meant that I also needed to do a fare share of work around home.  So I was surprised that amidst all this, I even found time to wash both my dogs.  I did it thanks to my birthday gift from my parents - Booster Bath.


The bathtub on stilts came in a box almost a month ago.  It only took an hour or two to put together (the hardest part was assembling the shower caddy).  I tried it back then, testing it for grooming, and it worked really well.  Granted, I was just brushing hair, but I hoped to get the dogs used to it before I bathed them in it.


Rider in the Bathtub-On-Stilts


The way it works is you get your dog up into the giant plastic bathtub.  It has four anchors to tether to your dog's leash, which keep the dog in one spot.  It comes with a nozzle that you attach to a water hose, which can be used to bathe the dog. 


What attracted me to the product is the tethering.  See, Mojo has issues with his left side.  I've never understood it.  If you try to brush him on the right, he is cool and relaxed.  If you try to brush him on the left, you get nothing but avoidance behaviors.  And don't even try to get his feet!  He is missing one toe in his back left paw.  (Yes, Mojo has walked into a bar and said he was looking for the man who shot his paw.)  Joking aside, I have wondered if something happened when he was a pup, because since the day we brought him home he has been sensitive about his paws.  So naturally a contraption that would help sidestep this behavior catches my eye, and when my parents suggested it, I bit.


Yesterday I tried out the Booster Bath.  My daughter helped me move it out into the backyard, and from that point on, it was just me and the dogs (and a two-year old who wandered around). 


I don't know if you have ever bathed a dog, or if you have ever bathed a dog that did not want a bath.  Let me conjure the image for you:  it's two (or more) soaking wet people, one with his or hand up under the pelvis of the dog, and the other with their hand on a garden hose.  The dog, who is receiving the doggie version of the world's worst hernia check, is ready to bolt at the first chance he can get.  Shampoo is on everyone and everything.  Everybody's back is killing them since the dog cannot grow three feet of leg for this activity.  People are cringing and trying to avoid the dog that is about to shake shampoo, water, and a thousand soggy hairs into everybody's eyes and clothes.  The hair will remain in the clothes for 1 to 2 years. 


This is the image of me using Booster Bath.  One person, a little wet.  I am calm and relaxed because I know my dog cannot escape or run off in the middle of the bath.  I rub the soap into my pup's hair, thoroughly soak it out (as opposed to rushing through the whole thing in an attempt to please end the ordeal now!), and move on to brushing and grooming the dog.  They both got the full treatment.  Pedicure, ears swabbed:  they came out shiny and new. 


Now, I will say this:  the Booster Bath advertisement claims your dog will enjoy the experience.  Half the time Rider was in, she wanted out.  Thankfully she is not too accustomed to jumping out of tall places yet, or I would have had more trouble on my hands.  Mojo, on the other hand, was no different personality-wise.  He clenched up at the bath, and he growled when I tried to cut his toenails (though I got two done).  Like I said, sensitive feet.  But he was more than willing to stay there, and I think he liked all the attention. 


Overall, this is a great product.  It is sturdy and robust, and made grooming much easier for me and my pups.  Keep in mind, it was just me working with the dogs.  Also, I think I finished much faster than normal since the dog is not a constant struggle to escape from Bath-Catraz. 


Why is Moj happy?  He just spent the past two
minutes rolling in the dirt right after I bathed him.


I like trying new things, and I am curious to see how things work.  Some products do, and others are not worth the money/effort.  This one, for the price you pay, I think is worth it.  If my parents had not given it to me a gift, it would have been at the top of the wishlist.


Note:  my parents bought me an extension that connects to the hot and cold water valves in the laundry.  I have not hooked them up, but after giving them the last bath, I think I will.  Warm water will make bathtime much easier for the pups.


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Great product, but commercial is total cheese.

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Dog baths and BTO.  Takin Care of Business.

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