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Fred in the Shed, Part 2

Posted by douggoodman on June 14, 2010 at 10:45 PM

Oh.  My.  God.


I finally got a chance to crack open the new case of Fred.  My wife and daughter are away for conferences/summer camps, and my son was asleep, so it felt like the right time to open the box.


First, I put two layers of gloves on.  Then I draped the area with trash bags, which I would throw in the garbage as soon as I was done.  I reminded myself of right hand - clean, left hand - dirty, and then I pulled the box out of the freezer.  I was anxious to open up the box and see what was in there.  The nurse had described some of the parts as "meaty."  I was a kid looking in a magician's hat, looking for the white rabbit.  I found sealed envelopes.


The first one had a prison inmate's number written on it.  That kind of got me going.  I opeend it, and the first two biohazard bags were nothing too spectacular - -bloody gauze.  All of it bloodier than some of my best gauze, but bloody gauze nonetheless.  Then I pulled something out of the bottom of the envelope.  As I did, I got a good whiff.  It smelled nasty.  I don't mean gross.  I mean, make you cough it is so disgusting.  It was black and red and I think there was gauze in there somewhere.  I dubbed it "the blood bag."  I think there might be a half-pint of blood in the biohazard bag.  I was glad I froze it.  I can't imagine what it would have smelled like warm.  I weighed the blood bag, then put it back as soon as I could, and folded up the envelope.  Gah.  I can still smell it. 


The next sealed envelope offered two more bloody gauzes.  I think we are good on the bloody gauze.  I need to recheck, but I think I have over fifteen pieces of bloody tissue, paper towels, band-aids, and gauzes.  For blood, we're good.


Again, though, at the bottom of the sealed envelope, I saw something a little odd.  It was a blue-capped cup, like the kind you give samples in.  It looked like a small, 1-inch long slug was clinging to the side.  I opened the cup.  I am just going to call it "slug meat."  There was something with hair in it, though what it was or what part of the body it came from, I sure don't know. 


I recorded everything in the log, resealed and re-wrapped everything and (still coughing), put the box of smell good back in the freezer.  This is a great haul, exactly what a human remains dog handler needs.  Good, strong scent material, which is different from most of my scent items. 


Now I can't wait to use it...

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