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Apocalypse Grocery Store Food Challenge: Meal Two

Posted by douggoodman on October 1, 2014 at 7:55 PM

I am eating some food from the grocery store that I think would still be there after the end of the world.  I am doing this to celebrate my first novel with Severed Press, Dominion.  It is available for pre-order now through October 10 on Amazon. 


After the rutabagas and corn nuggets of my first meal, I was a little nervous about this one.  I decided to videotape it rather than type it all up.  (I am writing my second novel for SP, Goliad, so a rest from the keyboard seemed wise.)

For fun, my daughter filmed me eating the disgusting food.  (Spoiler:  it wasn't so disgusting.)

Here is where the video from youtube would be if I could insert it.  For now, I'll just give you a picture of the food:

Looks yummy, right?

So, I started with the collard greens.  It was a lot like spinach (go figure) and celery combined.  Not bad, though I didn't like the smell.  The pickled beets, though?  A little ugh.  Just a LOT of salt in those beets.  Like somebody dropped a salt shaker in that jar.  The part everybody here thought would be gross, the oysters, was the best.  Not on the video, I later tried one with a cracker, and it was even better.

Taste:  4

Smell:  2

Texture:  3

Appearance:  2

Willingness to eat again to survive the apocalypse:  4  I could do a few meals, and I would push down more beats and smoked oysters than baby corn nuggets and rutabagas, but I don't know how quickly I would tire of the saltiness.

Rabbit Test:  Rabbit LOVED collard greens.  Ate the beets without a problem, too.  This was a huge improvement over the rutabagas and corn nuggets, which the rabbit ignored.  (Rabbits don't ignore veggies.)

Dog test:  Fed the oysters to the dogs.  As expected, the dogs gobbled them down without flinching.  Little meat grinders, those two.


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