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Apocalypse Grocery Store Meal Challenge: Meal Three (Barf Farts)

Posted by douggoodman on October 4, 2014 at 9:10 PM

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Tonight was an easy one: Spam, sauerkraut, and okra. Nothing my taste buds hadn’t had before in one form or another. Spam, who hasn’t had on a campout or somewhere at one point in their lives? Sauerkraut is a Chicago favorite, and mine, too. Put it on a hotdog, add a wedge of pickle and tomato, and we’re going to have a good day. Okra I have had a million times, but always fried. This is my first time with the unfried variety.


Here is a shot of the food still in its cans. The okra didn’t look good. Half the can was water, which made the okra look less than okay. (Yes, that was an attempt at humor. Nothing but the best for you!)

Anybody want a coupon for Spam?

Photo by my son

"Barf farts," my son called it

The sauerkraut was pungent, to say the least. Its taste followed accordingly – very, very strong. Mixing it with the okra made it all taste fine, or at least better. Mr. Bun-bun had a different opinion, though. Here is his bowl two hours after being fed to him:

Don't turn your back on me, rabbit!!!

The dogs as hard of a time with the Spam as they did with the smoked oysters, which is to say that I turned around and it was all gone.


So is this something you could survive on? Yes. Definitely yes. One of the better meals, in my opinion, so if you find yourself looking for food after the apocalypse, I recommend these. Of note, though, this is a HIGH salt meal. I think I had an entire day’s worth of salt in one sitting. So I don’t think I could do this for too long without dealing with hypertension issues.


So here is the breakdown for all you engineering types:

Taste: 4

Smell: 3

Texture: 4 (the potted meat was kind of slimy)

Appearance: 4 (Once drained, the okra looked edible. Also, there is something to be said for the appearance of uncooked Spam. It looks kind of like a wet piece of biomass or a bucket of chicken fat.)

Willingness to eat again to survive the apocalypse: 5, especially if I could have cooked it.

Rabbit test: Fail!!! Two hours later, the rabbit didn’t touch anything.

Dog test: Pass. Dog’s loved it as much as any other meat.


Okay, I think I have one more “easy” meal of deviled ham and black olives before I step into another realm of nastiness. I saved all the best foods for next week, right before Dominion goes on sale


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