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Apocalypse Grocery Store Meal Challenge: Meal Five (See Food!?!)

Posted by douggoodman on October 8, 2014 at 9:45 PM

Thanks for keeping up with the videos.  Meal five was octopus, fish eggs, and sardines, with squash/vidala.

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Taste:  4

Smell:  5

Texture:  3

Appearance:  2 (orangey-bubbly caviar, fish-hide sardines, and tentacles-with-suckers octopus just don't look appetizing).

Would I eat it again to survive the apocalpyse?  You bet.  This was probably the best meal I've had.  Once you get beyond any stigmas you may have of eating octopus, sardines, or caviar, it is a pretty tasty meal.  However, the octopus was really oily.  If you are being hunted by monsters that can track you down, I don't know that you would want all that oily scent on you.  Also, the caviar feels like 1 part fish eggs, 2 parts salt.

Rabbit test:  Didn't like the squash or the okra.

Dog test:  Dog had no problem eating the meats.

Okay, tomorrow is my last meal.  I'm going to celebrate with that oddest of southern foods, pig's feet!!!

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