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Apocalypse Grocery Store Meal Challenge: Meal Five (Pickled Pig's Feet and Other Feets of Glory!)

Posted by douggoodman on October 10, 2014 at 9:25 AM

I am so happy to have Dominion out today.  It is a great feeling to be published.  My thanks go to Gary Lucas and Severed Press for their help and mentoring on my first book with them.  

And now, to the pickled pig's feet:

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I think I have truly discovered one of the worst canned meals you can eat from a grocery store.  I will add this to my review of Pickled Pig's Feet and why I would rather have the dog food:

1. It starts with packaging. It is a see-through jar, and it looks like something was dropped in formaldehyde and decided to sell it to the grocer.

2. And I cannot emphasize this enough, it is meat in vinegar, and I HATE vinegar. So that is a big factor. It was like taking a bite out of a vinegar pear.

3. Pickled meat doesn't do it for me. It's like eating ham that was left out in the rain. Now, I don't have the world's broadest pallet, but I've enjoyed crawdads and lobsters and I've enjoyed tripas and menudo and I've become cool with sushi, and octopus and sardines and caviar are fine, too. But the meat of a pig stored in vinegar? Sorry, y'all. I'd rather have the dog food.

This review should come as no surprise then:

Taste: 0

Smell:  1

Texture:  1

Apperance:  1

Would I eat it to survive the apocalypse:  If there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING on the grocery store shelf, including a few inedible objects, I might try this, but only after a long period of time without nourishment.  About an hour after eating, a bit of it wanted to come back up.  This one's just not for me.  And the asparagus and artichoke hearts were right up there with it.  

Rabbit test:  Artichoke hearts, he loved.  Asparagus repulsed him.

Dog test:  I can't believe she ate it, but there was also some unfortunate steak that went bad, too.  So I guess if I was hungry enough to eat steak with little white mold spores on it, then I would be hungry enough to eat pickled pig's feet.

Thanks for watching, and now go buy my book!

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