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Apocalypse Grocery Store Final Tally: The Best and Worst List

Posted by douggoodman on October 10, 2014 at 9:55 AM

So for all the engineers, lawyers, and everyone else who likes lists, here is a breakdown, worst to best food I’ve eaten over the past two weeks as part of the Apocalypse Grocery Store Challenge. It makes me hope that animals never take over the world and that we can keep eating from the meats, cheeses, and fresh veggies section of the grocery store.


I’ve bolded what I think is the worst meal you could prepare from the grocery store. If you can come up with one more disgusting (edible food only, please), let me know.


Pig's feet

Diced rutabagas

Congealed dog food


Baby corn nuggets

Artichoke hearts

Squash with vidalia onions




Canned dog food with gravy

Pickled beets

Collard greens


Sauerkraut (as long as it is mixed with something)

Spam (uncooked would be much closer to pig’s feet)

Smoked oysters

Potted meat/deviled ham


This means the easiest meal on my taste buds would be potted meat/deviled ham/smoked oysters and sauerkraut and okra to wash it down.


Biggest shock? Besides that I hate rutabagas, it is probably that the one can of dog food is actually a lot higher on the list than I anticipated. I have it rated over other items from the canned goods isle. It was a beef and liver combination, so it kind of tasted like chunks of hamburger patty in a gravy sauce.


What am I going to do with this vast knowledge I have gained? I think I’m going to go out to dinner tonight. Yep. That sounds about right. Texas BBQ sounds good right about now. Maybe some peach cobbler, too. You thinking Rudy’s? Can I go now?


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