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Sweet Bookmarks

Posted by douggoodman on November 18, 2014 at 6:45 AM

I forgot I had this bookmark. I received it for attending a safety review, and the project manager wanted to thank us. Great positive reinforcement. Here is the bookmark, and belows is a close-up of why the bookmark is so cool.

It actually flew in space! STS-135, which was the final shuttle mission. Normally, this is just cool all around, but since it is 135, it is even better. I took my family to the Teague auditorium at JSC and we watched the liftoff there. I am very fond of that memory. It was a great moment that we shared together.

But you know, the horror writer in me got to thinking about these bookmarks. They are just bookmarks. Rarely do people go bonkers about bookmarks. (That sounds like a mall kiosk: Bonkers for Bookmarks. Coming this holiday season to a mall near you!) Along the same lines, Steve Martin's infamous for the business cards he gives out to people he meets.

I need to mash up the two. And why not? Bookmarks should be fun. You aren't going to make a living selling bookmarks, but you might make a living as a writer if you hand out enough of them. Maybe I should write on my bookmark something like "This bookmark certifies that you met a genuine horror writer. He was scary at first, but eventually you came around and decided you liked him. Also, he may have licked your bookmark, so congratulations! You have a horror writer's DNA! Create your own mad scientist."


"Thanks for taking my bookmark. Enjoy feeding it to your book every night. Also, don't forget to close the closet door."

"Ignore that shadowy figure lurking in the shadows."

"If you stop reading this book, it means you will have to turn off the light and go to bed. If you want to keep your sanity, don't turn off the light. Nothing good (except being eco-friendly) comes of it. And is your death really worth being eco-friendly?"

Okay, time to hit the presses and start making bookmarks!

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