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12. Galveston Island State Park Prairie Trail

Posted by douggoodman on September 4, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Okay, so it is Labor Day weekend, and some of that summer heat is finally starting to cool off. It has been almost two months since I last did a trail. Can you believe that? The last time I was hiking a trail, we were all still wondering how Suicide Squad would turn out. Well, now that that's over (it turned out "meh"), it is time to get back to my goal of 42 trails in a year. And what better way to jumpstart it than to hike THREE trails in a single outing? Yes, that's right. Crazy Doug hiked three trails today, all at Galveston Island State Park where the temperature was somewhere around 90 degrees and the humidity felt about the same. So here is the first trail...

12. Galveston Island State Park Prairie Trail

July 9, 2016

Distance: 1.6 Miles (Out and Back)

Time to Hike: 27 minutes

Difficulty: Easy


The Prairie Trail is a fast out and back. Like all the other trails at the state park, there is about three feet of elevation, which is negligible. I wanted to hike this trail because a. it is the longest trail at GISP so I can now say I have hiked the longest trail at GISP, and b. because it connects to two other Freshwater Pond trails. 

The Prairie Trail cuts through grass and cattails, which was pretty interesting because I usually think of swamps, not beaches, for cattails. But that shows you how diverse the ecosystems are here. the cattails need the freshwater marsh, and yet a few hundred yards in either direction you get salt water. It makes me wonder about the damage that a hurricane can wreck on small freshwater systems like these. If a hurricane dumps salt water here, that would remove (at least for a while) freshwater resources for migratory birds and other species. 

Look at that sky! The last time I was here, it was very dramatic. This time, it is so peaceful. It's a Simpsons sky!

And finally, here is a map of the trail so that you can see what it looks like.

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