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13. Galveston Island State Park Freshwater Pond Loop

Posted by douggoodman on September 4, 2016 at 7:30 PM


13. Galveston Island State Park Freshwater Pond Loop

September 4, 2016

Distance: .7 Miles

Time to Hike: 22 minutes

Difficulty: Easy


The Freshwater Pond Loop begins at the end of the Prairie Trail Loop, so while this trail is only .7 miles, keep in mind that you have a 1.6 mile hike (out and back) to get to this point, which makes for a 2.3 mile hike. While I liked this trail, I will say that what bugged me about it (besides the mosquitos, amiright?) was the proximity to the San Luis Pass. There is a lot of traffic there, and so you can't quite get that peaceful, easy feeling the Eagles sang about like you can on the trails closer to the bay. That doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of good things to hear. If found ducks, egrets, and herons while I was out here, and that was close to the middle of the day. I suspect if you show up at dawn or dusk, there is even more to listen to. When I was hiking the Clapper Rail Trail here on the other side of summer, I was surprised, if not a little overwhelmed at times, by all the bird calls and bird sightings. I imagine a lot of those birds, while they may hunt among the marshes for crabs, are probably stopping here at the freshwater pond to drink.

Rubber duckie, you're the one...

I was looking down into the marsh as I came upon this stand of trees, and I wasn't looking up. So I only saw the herons flying off. (There is a little one still in the tree here.) 

This is the view of the pond from the side closer to the San Luis Pass.

And of course, the trail map:

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