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14. Galveston Island State Park Pond Trail

Posted by douggoodman on September 4, 2016 at 7:45 PM

14. Galveston Island State Park Pond Trail

September 4, 2016

Distance: .5 Miles (Out and Back)

Time to Hike: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

I ended the day with the Pond Trail. This is a short trail that cuts from inside the Prairie Trail and connects with the Pond Loop. Of the three trails, I thought this one had the best views, though I took the fewest photos. Like the other two trails I covered today, the path was mowed through the prairie grass. I saw lots of signs of life here, like fishbones and raccoon tracks. (Gee, I wonder what was going on there? :))

The Pond Trail connects with the Pond Loop at two points, almost 30 meters apart. They go around a palm tree, but the photo refuses to cooperate with my web interface, so you will have to trust me, or check out the photos on the Instagram I set up especially for 42 Trails (42trails).

All told, I covered 2.8 miles of hiking today. If you are not interested in trying to cover all parts of the trail and just want a "choice cuts" version, I would recommend using the Pond Trail, connecting to the northern trail (which is closer to Galveston Bay and goes away from the San Luis Pass). I saw more birds along this side of the Pond Trail. Do this in the evening or early morning. The path will take you back to the Priarie Trail, which you can then take back out. Now get outdoors and go hiking!!!


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