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It All Goes Away by Zachariah Smith

Posted by douggoodman on September 20, 2016 at 7:40 PM

I had to share this very touching video by Zachariah Smith. Has a better Superman film been made since Superman first flew across the screen? That's not to disparage the recent movies. I'm actually a fan of Superman Returns and Man of Steel. But that doesn't mean this isn't better. I think I like it more because it humanizes him. Maybe that's why some of the best parts of Man of Steel were as Clark growing up. He doesn't have to be beating some space monster to make a good movie. In this story, Clark is dealing with the loss of a good friend, who develops cancer but doesn't tell anyone. Clark knows because of his abilities, but he can't say anything. 

"You have your secrets, too," his father says.

"But I'm the one who can do anything, right?" Clark shoots back. He has a lot to deal with.

At one point, his friend, Sam, says "Stop letting stuff like this push you around. Be in control."

Without knowing it, Sam is helping Clark become the hero we want him to be. This is one of those great things we like to see in a Superman movie. It's not enough for Superman to get his powers. We want to see the events in his life that inspire him to become that quintessential hero, and that's why this movie is so great. It delivers on that message.

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