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Jesus is My Incident Commander

Posted by douggoodman on January 24, 2011 at 5:05 AM

During my off-hours this week, I took two FEMA courses for Incident Command, which equates to ~16 hours of training. I finished the training Saturday, and Sunday morning I went to church, where the Deacon was talking about the disciples. Specifically, the deacon said that the first thing Jesus did was find his disciples. And me, in my “Incident Command” mindset, instantly thought “Demobilization!” As soon as God had his first resource, he was already thinking of demobilizing it!


Well, the way my mind can take the ball and run with it, I couldn’t just stop there. So instead, still in church, I am already thinking that maybe ICS could have helped Jesus. With ICS, he would have known that span of control should not exceed seven people. jesus had 13. And what happened when his span of control got too out of control? It backfired on him! Is there a chance ICS could have saved Jesus from being crucified? Maybe not, but letting span of control get out of hand will crucify the incident commander. That much the training has taught me.


In ICS-400, we learned that there can be a higher power than incident command. It is called area command. Area command has supreme authority over everything. It can also be unified. Well, this clarifies the holy trinity! It’s unified area command with God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost all wrapped into one! Who needs priests to clarify the holy mysteries when FEMA can do it for you?


A key requirement of area command, as everyone who takes ICS 400 learns, is the written delegation of authority. This is the buy-in that gives area command its power. In Christianity, this delegation of authority is called The Bible. Who is in charge? “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” You can’t write a better authority than that!


Clearly, I have had too much training. The good news is that with completion of ICS-400, there are currently no other courses I am required to take. So hopefully, the next time I am listening to the homily, I will spend less time blaspheming my religion and incident command and spend more time paying attention. I know he said something about nets, boats, and fathers. This wasn’t a coast guard reference, was it…?

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