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SAR Mis-Step

Posted by douggoodman on June 4, 2011 at 10:20 AM

It is never too hot for SAR work, but it is starting to feel too hot to want to do SAR training.  With the team at the national SAR conference in Reno, there is not much going on here.  We have had three possible callouts in the past few weeks.  For one of those callouts, we were very close to leaving when we received the stand-down.  That was a hard one to let go of because the work starts to look like a reality and you get wrapped up in the preparations and excited about being able to use your dog and help some people, then you receive word that you are not working, so you have to bring yourself back down to Earth, sort to speak, and put things away and move on with your regular routines.


A couple of weeks ago, I had a mis-step in my SAR practice.  I was working Mojo in some thorn bush (and almost nothing sucks as much as working in thorns), and I could tell Mojo was getting frustrated.  I was afraid his brain may be going dead and need some rest.  The pup is standing there, staring at me.  Then he gives a sharp bark, high-pitched.  (In retrospect, could this be any more Lassie-like?)  I told him to keep looking.  He barked again.  Once more, I told him to keep looking.  This time, he went into the down position and alerted on my foot.  My Foot's Not Dead!!!  (I hope.)


I lifted my foot.  I was standing on the scent item.  It had been covered by brush and grass.  So literally a mis-step.

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