Doug Goodman

Texas Horror Writer. Cadaver Dog Handler.


This is a latest-and-greatest listing of everywhere I have been published.  As I remember more, I'll add them to the page. 

 Story Publication Issue Date
 Dominion Severed Press  October 10, 2014
 Warriors of Camlann   May 2014
 Ranas Twisted Boulevard  April 2014
 Queen Anne's Corpse Arkham Tales 5 November 2009
 Haruspex Murky Depths 7 February 2009
 Hellstone and Brimfire Cthulhu Unbound (Permuted Press) v. 1February 2009
Slaying Dragons Beyond CentauriFall 2008 Fall 2008
 Squirm The Edge of Propinquity April 2008 April 2008
 Hoops A Fly in Amber v. 2 January 2008
 The Ice Dwarves Space Westerns  April 2007
 Redeemable AlienSkin Magazine v. 5, number 1 January 2007
 The Barrows Nocturnal Ooze Magazine  October 2006
 Imminent Domain AlienSkin Magazine v. 4, number 6 June 2006
 The Traveler AlienSkin Magazine v. 4, number 6 June 2006
Stitching the Vamp Tales of the Talisman  June 2006
 The Alvarez Event Night to Dawn n. 10 Summer 2006
 Moon Dogs Southern Comfort Anthology  February 2006
 The Orion Man Horrors Beyond  April 2005/Second print in 2008



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